"The amount, composition and timing of food intake can profoundly affect sports performance" - IOC Consensus Conference on Nutrition and Sports Performance

Around the world, athletes and coaches recognise that nutrition plays a major role in achieving success in sport. The benefits of eating well include:

  • Optimal gains from the training program
  • Enhanced recovery between workouts and events
  • Achievement and maintenance of an ideal body weight and physique
  • A reduced risk of injury and illness
  • Confidence in being well-prepared to face competition
  • Consistency in achieving high level competition performances
  • Enjoyment of food and social eating occasions
  • Many important sporting organisations have invested in activities to develop the science and practice of nutrition for their athletes. There is a need for athletes and coaches to have access to this information, and for the professionals who work with them to continue to develop their expertise in sports nutrition.


As part of its commitment to improving the knowledge and practice of sports nutrition worldwide, the Medical and Scientific Commission of the International Olympic Committee offers a postgraduate-level program in Sports Nutrition. This program is aimed at sports nutrition professionals who work closely with athletes and coaches to enhance their health and performance through good nutrition strategies.

The IOC Diploma in Sports Nutrition has built on existing programs offered by leading Universities, but embraces an international faculty to offer a program that is beyond the resources of any single institution. The program focuses on the nutritional implications of participation in structured sports activities, but will also consider the role of physical activity, nutrition and other lifestyle factors in promoting good health. The program takes advantage of new technologies to deliver an innovative program and to ensure that information is current, comprehensive, authoritative and accessible. Experts in the study and practice of sports nutrition from around the world contribute to the program.

Applications are now being accepted for admission to the program to commence studies in January 2022.