Residential Workshops

IOC-Diploma-Sports-Medicine-7.jpgAn annual residential workshop will be held and students will have the opportunity to attend one workshop during each year of study. The aims of these programs are threefold:

  • To provide an opportunity for students to take part in tutorials and seminars
  • To provide opportunities for practical session
  • To allow for formal assessment

Attendance at the workshop at the end of Year 1 will be optional. 

Each workshop will include a program of seminars and practical demonstrations designed to cover a range of topics. These will provide an opportunity for students to prepare and present short oral reports on specific topics. Staff will be available to provide tutorial support on a group or individual basis.

The mandatory workshop at the end of Year 2 will take place during the period from March-May each year and will be held at four venues around the world. Students can choose to attend at any one of these venues each year, subject to the availability of places. Depending on numbers, additional programs may be offered.

Students will also be encouraged to participate in an IOC Advanced Team Physician Course.