Program Directors

Mark Stuart (UK, Australia), International Olympic Committee Medical Commission Games Group

Prof David Mottram (UK), Liverpool John Moores University

Academic Advisory Board

Dr Cheri Blauwet (USA), International Paralympic Committee Medical Committee; Harvard Medical School

Dr Richard Budgett (Switzerland), International Olympic Committee Medical & Scientific Department

Dr Matt Fedoruk (USA), US Anti-Doping Agency

Dr Vidya Mohamed Ali (Qatar), IOC Medical & Scientific Commission; Anti-Doping Lab Qatar; University College London

Dr Alan Vernec (Canada), World Anti-Doping Agency


Lectures will be contributed by world-leading experts in the field, representing the best available expertise in the field. Faculty, in addition to the Course Directors and the Academic Advisory Board, who will all contribute lectures, include:

Prof Louis Phillipe Boulet (Canada), Université Laval

Dr Brian Hainline (USA), Indiana University School of Medicine; National Collegiate Athletic Association

Dr Marylin Huestis (USA), WADA Prohibited List Expert Group; National Institute on Drug Abuse

Dr Audrey Kinahan (Ireland), WADA Prohibited List Expert Group

Dr Jamie Kissick (Canada), International Paralympic Committee Medical Committee, University of Ottawa Dept of Family Medicine

Prof Ron Maughan (UK), St Andrews University

Dr Margo Mountjoy (Canada), International Olympic Committee Medical Commission Games Group; McMaster University

Dr John Orchard (Australia), University of Sydney 

Prof Angela Schneider (Canada), University of Western Ontario

Dr Trudy Thomas (UK), Universities of Greenwich and Kent

Dr Susan White (Australia), Olympic Park Sports Medicine Centre

Dr David Zideman (UK), International Olympic Committee Medical Commission Games Group

Dr Yannis Pitsiladis (UK) University of Brighton 

Dr Stephane Bermon (Monaco)  International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF)