The program comprises of 5 modules with the following lecture titles associated with each:

Module 1

Introduction to the use and misuse of drugs in 

          1.1 Welcome and introduction
          1.2 Landmark events and case studies in the evolution of doping and anti-doping in sport
          1.3 Why drugs may be used in a sport or exercise context
          1.4 The Roles and responsibilities of Athlete Support Personnel in medicines management


Module 2

WADA, the Code and International Standards

          2.1 Overview of the role of WADA and anti-doping at national and international level
          2.2 Medical implications of the WADA Prohibited List (Part 1)
          2.3 Medical implications of the WADA Prohibited List (Part 2)
          2.4 Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUE) and the role of healthcare providers 
          2.5 Analytical testing and the implications for drug dosing and medical treatment
          2.6 Strategic testing. Investigations to results management

Module 3

Sports pharmacology and clinical use of medications in athletes

          3.1 Safety, effectiveness and rational selection of medications for athletes
          3.2 Management of pain in athletes
          3.3 Medical use of glucocorticoids in athletes
          3.4 Asthma management in athletes
          3.5 Hormone treatment considerations in athletes, including transgender athletes
          3.6 Treatment considerations for stimulant use in sport, including ADHD management
          3.7 Medical and anti-doping considerations for athletes with disability

Module 4

Protecting the health of the athlete and maintaining clean sport

          4.1 Safe medicines use, and prevention of drug misuse in sport
          4.2 Evidence based approaches to safe supplement use
          4.3 Health risks, safeguarding and social implications of drug use in  sport
          4.4 Medical ethics issues in sport and anti-doping
          4.5 Current research and advances in anti-doping

Module 5

Healthcare providers at major sporting events

          5.1 Medical services at Major Sporting Events
          5.2 Medicines management at Major Sporting Events
          5.3 Emergency medicine